Public Health Emergency

Pandemic Public Health Emergency Coming to An End

Your AHCCCS patients may be impacted by the end to the Public Health Emergency (PHE). Anyone with AHCCCS or KidsCare remained eligible for benefits during the pandemic. With the PHE coming to an end, patients may need to renew their AHCCCS eligibility. If they don’t renew, they may be at risk for losing their health coverage.

How you can help: 

Please reach out to your patients with AHCCCS to ensure they’ve updated their contact information with AHCCCS. They can do this by visiting or by calling 1-855-HEAPLUS (432-7587). This will ensure that they can be reached by their health plan.

Assistance is available:

Community Assistors can help members renew. A full list of Community Assistors is available on the Banner – University Family Care website here. If a member is now over the income threshold for qualification, they can still qualify for low-income health insurance. They can visit to see other health insurance options. Members in Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties can also consider our Banner|Aetna marketplace plan. For more information, visit here.

We’ve developed several shareable resources for you and your office staff to distribute as needed.

Member Flyer – General info about confirming and renewing AHCCCS eligibility.

Update your Mailing Address – Step-by-Step instructions on how to update a member mailing address with AHCCCS.

Postcard – Reminds members to update their mailing address with AHCCCS to ensure a smooth transition following the end of the PHE.

Provider FAQ – Answers other key questions you might have.

AHCCCS Resources