Workforce Development and Training

The following information applies to care providers contracted with Banner – University Family Care (B – UFC) for the AHCCCS Complete Care (ACC) Behavioral Health and Arizona Long Term Care Services (ALTCS). It discusses the requirements, expectations, and recommendations in developing the workforce. The initiatives align with AHCCCS Workforce Development Policy ACOM 407.

Banner – University Health Plan's (B – UHP) Workforce Development (WFD) department implements, monitors, and regulates Provider WFD activities and requirements. In addition, B – UHP evaluates the impact of the WFD requirements and activities to support Providers in developing a qualified, knowledgeable, and competent workforce.

In collaboration with the Workforce Development Alliance, which consists of the Arizona Association of Health Plans (AzAHP), AHCCCS, and all ACC/RBHA/ALTCS health plans, we ensure that all course content is culturally appropriate, has a trauma informed approach and is developed using adult-learning principles and guidelines. Additionally, it is aligned with company guidelines and WFD industry standards, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) core competencies for WFD, federal and state requirements and the requirements of several agencies, entities, and legal agreements.