Performance Measures & Surveys

Member and Provider Surveys

The purpose of the member and provider surveys are to solicit feedback to improve performance. 

AHCCCS Member & Provider Survey Results

B – UFC/ACC Member Satisfaction Survey Results

B – UFC/ALTCS Member Satisfaction Survey Results 

UFC Member Satisfaction Survey Results 

UFC Provider Satisfaction Survey Results

Performance Measure Results

Performance measures allows for AHCCCS and health plans to identify areas for improvement. The results also help implement interventions to increase the use of preventive and evidence-based chronic disease management services.

AHCCCS Performance Measure Results

B – UHP Performance Measures

  • CY2020 ACC Performance Measures: Reference Guide
    The ACC Reference Guide outlines metrics measured by CMS and NCQA. The guidelines discuss eligible membership, documentation standards, frequency, and suggested CPT/ICD-10 billing codes. The code set is not all inclusive. The guideline also outlines additional measures that affect quality and performance, such as immunizations and member survey questions.

UFC Provider Performance Measure Results