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AHCCCS: New Training Requirements for Prescribers


As you have heard, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) eliminated the waiver requirements for prescribing buprenorphine to support opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment.

WIth the removal of the waiver, SAMHSA indicated that they would be working to develop training requirements to support prescribers post waiver removal.  The State Opioid Treatment Authority (SOTA)  has asked us to share this information with our network.

SAMHSA has put together several resources that address the changes and expectations moving forward.  This information, including training and frequently asked questions can be found on their website:

Within this landing page, you’ll find links to training, resources and FAQs about the elimination of the waiver. If you have other questions, reach out to Alisa Randall, Arizona SOTA,