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Imaging Contrast Production Update


We’re pleased to share that non-ionic contrast production at the GE manufacturing plant in China continues to increase and full normalization will be sometime later this year. 

Banner team members have demonstrated effective conservation efforts in our quest to assure all patients receive appropriate medical imaging during the ongoing iodinated contrast shortage. As the result of our efforts, as well as increased delivery of contrast from our vendors, our contrast supply has stabilized to the point where we will return to Tier 1 conservation efforts. With the outstanding conservation practices and the slow increase of contrast supply over the last week, we are able to provide contrast enhanced imaging for all orders, all patient classes, all order priorities.

Medical Imaging Tier 1 (Current Status)

  • Please remain mindful in your exam ordering, using CT with IV iodinated contrast when clinically appropriate and alternative imaging exams when of equal diagnostic value.

Cardiovascular Imaging Tier 1 (Current Status)

  • Be aware of contrast supply limitations and reduce utilization when medically appropriate:
    • Avoid performing LV grams, aortograms, or peripheral angiograms that are not urgent
  • For CV imaging in any facility which may use Omnipaque™, alternative imaging with vascular ultrasound or MRA should be considered when appropriate. When angiography is required and Omnipaque™ is not available, work with your medical imaging and cath lab staff to do so with ISOVUE®.
  • There is no restriction on the use of ISOVUE® for coronary angiography or intervention.

Please note that a full resumption of iodinated contrast production may not normalize until later this year. Subsequently, continued awareness of appropriate imaging with iodinated contrast is requested from all our physicians and advanced practitioners. Thank you for your continuing efforts.