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EPSDT Eyeglasses Coverage


AHCCCS covers eyeglasses, replacements for members under 21.

Vision services are covered for all AHCCCS Early Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) members under 21 years of age. Vision services for all AHCCCS members under the age of 21 include regular eye exams and vision screenings, prescription eyeglasses, updates to a members eyeglass prescription, as well as repairs or replacements of broken or lost eyeglasses.

Per AHCCCS regulations, neither the health plan nor any contracted providers or dispensers of visual equipment, may place any restrictions for fixing or replacing broken or lost glasses.

Additionally, providers and dispensers shall not require members to agree to any upgrades. For any upgrade that is not AHCCCS covered, the provider/dispenser must ensure that the member or guardian is informed of and agrees to financial responsibility. The member/guardian must sign a document, in advance, that provides a clear description and approximate cost of any service or supply not covered by AHCCCS.

Members do not need to wait for their next planned screening and can call the BUHP customer service number (800-582-8686) for help.

Click here to visit the Covered Services page on the AHCCCS website which has also been updated to clarify this coverage.

Click here to view the flyer developed for members by AHCCCS.