Employment Services

Research has shown that gainful employment can help people boost their self-esteem, improve symptomology and connect with the community. As such, employment is one of the key Social Determinants of Health. Banner – University Family Care (B – UFC) is dedicated to ensuring members have the opportunity to explore their options through employment covered services.

Employment Resources

Whether it’s making a referral to Vocational Rehabilitation, providing resume and application assistance or job coaching, B – UFC providers are essential in members’ successful employment endeavors. From case managers to therapists, physicians to peer supports and employment specialists, all staff play an important role in encouraging and supporting members in pursuing employment.

B – UFC’s Employment Team is committed to ensuring providers have the training, tools and resources necessary to assist members in preparing for, obtaining and maintaining employment. Below are some helpful links to assist providers in this process.

Arizona Disability Benefits 101

Ticket to Work Program

Freedom to Work Program

Arizona at Work

Vocational Rehabilitation

211 Arizona

AHCCCS Works Community Engagement Program

Employment Resources

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Resources have been updated as of September 2019.