Centers of Excellence

Banner – University Health Plan’s (B – UHP) Centers of Excellence (COE’s) are programs recognized as providing the highest levels of leadership while demonstrating exceptional service delivery to our members. Our COE’s implement evidence-based practices that result in a high degree of positive outcomes. The COE’s within our network have delivered exceptional services to B – UHP members, while focusing on:

  • High quality of care 
  • Most appropriate service delivery
  • Clinical excellence
  • Patient satisfaction 

B – UHP selects COE’s based on criteria and data that supports desired member outcomes and increased member satisfaction through exceptional service delivery, including:

  • Procedure volumes
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Accessibility to clinically appropriate services
  • Treatment planning and care coordination
  • Key performance indicator 

Children’s System of Care

B – UHP has identified children’s providers to serve as COE’s for the following populations with unique healthcare needs:

Children at risk of/with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Transition Age Youth (TAY)

Adolescent Substance Use Disorder

Birth to Five

Additional information regarding specialty services and resources can be found on the Child and Family Support page.

Adult System of Care

B – UHP is identifying adult service providers to serve as COE’s for the following population with unique healthcare needs:

Adult Pain Management

  • This COE will address chronic pain with or without co-occurring opioid use disorder as well as behavioral and physical healthcare needs.

Additional information on adult specialty services and resources can be found on the following pages: