Care Management Services

B – UHP Care Management process has a primary purpose of coordinating care needs for members who are medically complex and require intensive physical, and or behavioral health support services.

Care Management also includes a group of activities performed by B – UHP to identify and manage clinical interventions or alternative treatments for identified members to reduce risk, cost, and help achieve better health care outcomes. Distinct from Case Management, Care Management does not include the day-to-day duties of service delivery.

For additional Care Management information, please refer to the B – UHP Provider Manuals section.

Care Management Interventions

B – UHP Care Management interventions include, but are not limited to, educating individuals and/or their Health Care Decision Maker such as:

  1. Outreach phone calls/visits
  2. Educational letters
  3. Behavioral health referrals
  4. High Need/High Cost program referrals
  5. Disease/chronic care management referrals
  6. Exclusive pharmacy referrals
  7. Social Determinants of health resources

Care Management Contacts

Care coordination services are available to special/at-risk members in conjunction with their caregivers and providers. Please notify the Care Manager if you need assistance.

Behavioral Health Care Management

Care Management  Adults, Ages 21, and Above 

Care Management – Maternal and CRS

Care Management – Pediatrics (Ages 20 and Younger)

For assistance with referrals, contact our Customer Care Center at (800) 582-8686, TTY 711.

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