Notification Detail

Urgent Provider Message: RightFax Issue


BUHP RightFax capability is nonfunctiona due to a fax upgrade failure. Please read the full notice for further directions. Thank you!

On November 6th, BUHP upgraded their electronic fax capability to eliminate paper faxes and go to “RightFax” exclusively.

During that upgrade, some fax #’s did not activate correctly and as a result the Health Plans are not seeing facsimile transmissions form 11/6/19 in the evening until now.

If you have an urgent authorization need, please contact the health plans at 800.582.8686 or 877.874.3930.

We will forward you to staff that can process your authorization.

If you have sent faxes since last evening, please be aware that you may need to re-send after functionality is restored.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Provider Notification: BUHP Fax Capability Nonfunctional