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Here at Banner – University Health Plans (B – UHP), we work hard to make health care easier, so life can be better.  Listening and responding to our community’s needs is engrained in our culture. We value every interaction with our members and their families. Our member-centric culture encourages continuous learning and drives our transformation to an integrated system.

Open Solicitations - Request for Grant Proposal (RFGP)

RFGP Name: Peer and Family Representation on B – UHP Committees & Governing Bodies

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Member and Family Engagement

Member and Family Engagement

B – UHP is committed to engaging members and their families in conversations regarding health policy, access to care and system improvements. We are establishing member and family representation on each of our Neighborhood Advisory Councils, which will bring providers, peers, family members, and other groups together to discuss issues impacting care and together, work on building solutions - within each neighborhood of care.

Neighborhood Advisory Council

Through this shared voice, the Neighborhood Advisory Council will assist B – UHP in ensuring the best, highest quality of care is being delivered to those we serve.  We will work with these Councils to establish community feedback loops. Each Council will meet regularly, reviewing process, quality and outcomes reports (such as member surveys, quality management reports and Neighborhood Score Cards), and offering recommendations and feedback for continuous improvement.

Complete Care, Member Advocacy Council (MAC)

Additionally, we are establishing a Complete Care Member Advocacy Council (MAC) with a Youth Leadership Subcommittee (YLS). The MAC will include regional member and family representation from each Neighborhood Network and will have the ear of B – UHP Executive Management Team. The MAC and YLS will assist in organizing and implementing community outreach and education – providing members and families with the necessary information to prepare for system changes as well as work on system improvement initiatives. The YLS will focus on youth and young-adult specific issues and empowerment initiatives. 

Office of Individual and Family Affairs (OIFA)

The B – UHP Office of Individual and Family Affairs (OIFA) will work in collaboration with the Councils to identify additional culturally competent mechanisms to gain member input, beyond the formalized committee work, including establishment of Member and Family Forums, Youth Forums, and Virtual Community Meetings.

BUHP Committees

As required by AHCCCS, B – UHP is establishing, at a minimum of two peer and family member positions on B – UHP committees, except for those that pertain to issues of member and/or provider confidentiality. We will provide these representatives with the necessary support and orientation to optimize their input – especially considering the intimidating complexities of industry jargon and processes. Additionally, members and families will be financially compensated for their contributions to our committee work.

Solicitation Purpose

The purpose of this solicitation is to contract with an organization to oversee these efforts. The contracted vendor will be responsible for recruitment, selection of and management of payments to peer/family committee representatives. The vendor, in conjunction with our OIFA and other B – UHP departments, will offer initial training and orientation, written guidance, and ongoing check-ins with all committee members. Development of skilled peer and family advocates helps build our future workforce. 

RFGP Timeline



Request for Grant Proposal (RFGP) Part One Published on B – UHP Website


Part One Question Submission Period Closes


Part One Submissions Due (submitted via web-based proposal submission)


Respondents Notified of Eligibility and Invited to Respond to Part Two of the RFGP (all eligible respondents will receive written notification of eligibility, outline of committee structure, and detailed description of each committee via email)


Part Two Question Submission Period Closes


Part Two Submissions Due (submitted via email with attachments included)


Top 2-3 Respondents are Notified and Invited to Participate in an Oral Presentation


Oral Presentations


Award Announcement