Drug Formularies

Lists of Covered Drugs

Our health plans each have their own drug formulary and are updated periodically. Our drug formularies represent the prescription therapies believed to be a necessary part of a quality treatment program.


Banner – University Care Advantage (BUCA) updates drug formulary files monthly, which includes the Comprehensive Drug Formulary, Prior Authorization Criteria, Step Therapy Criteria, and Future Formulary Changes. 

Drug Formulary (Comprehensive)

(Updated 1/02/2019; Effective 2/01/2019)

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Prior Authorization Criteria

(Updated 1/02/2019; Effective 2/01/2019)

Step Therapy Criteria

(Updated 1/02/2019; Effective 2/01/2019)



Banner – University Family Care/ACC (BUFC/ACC) and Banner – University Family Care/Arizona Long Term Care System (BUFC/ALTCS) provide updates to the drug lists periodically.